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All my fics are also crossposted to AFF.

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Moving From LJ
Not sure if anyone will read this at all, but if you do happen to follow my fics here, hey! Thanks for reading, just wanted to let you know that I don't think I'll be posting fics to LJ anymore. It's too much of a hassle, and it seems like a lot of other people have moved on already as well. I'll keep everything I have up already still up, and who knows maybe I'll change my mind later and come back.

In the meantime, you can find all my fics on AFF here or on AO3 here.



Half Empty - [Yugyeom-centric + platonic!Yugjae Oneshot]

A/N: Prompt was: "could you write a angsty yugyeom centric fic where yugyeom is always stuck in their dorm while the other members go on shows?? or any pairing with yugyeom is fine too^^"

Yugyeom thought he’d be used to it by now, the silence, but no matter how many times he found himself in this situation the emptiness always seemed to get to him.Collapse )

Moonshine - Part [1/?]

Pairings: JB/Jinyoung, Mark/Jackson, Yugyeom/Bambam (subject to change, I'm still considering sticking Youngjae in between somewhere)
Rating: PG15/R (for sexual references)
Warnings: Incubi are included so some referenced/implied dub con, but nothing explicit or described in detail
Word Count: 7.3k
Summary: OT7 supernatural/fantasy au

A/N: This fic just hit me out of the blue one day and was never supposed to happen (like most of my wips that probably will never see the light of day hahh), but once the first chapter hit 7.3k I thought screw it so here we are, I've posted and we'll see what happens xDDD

A quick note, while this is clearly AU and honestly has nothing to do with Korea, writing Got7's interaction without honorifics just threw me off so much I ended up keeping it xD So if you must, just think about it as an AU where honorifics are universal lol

The man was handsome - bold brows framing almond shaped eyes, a strong jaw and surprisingly pretty lips. But not so handsome that it justified why he was suddenly frozen in place, mind growing foggy, blood rushing up to his face as well as down south. There was something dangerously alluring about the man, and the way the darkness clung to his shadows should’ve been a warning sign. But he was already caught, and it was too late.Collapse )

(in)consolable - [Markson Oneshot]

The piercing cry of an inconsolable baby rang out through the apartment, shattering the hard-earned peace that had been present before. Within seconds, matching footsteps thundered across the floor, approaching the same destination from opposite directions.Collapse )

Of Feline Myths - [Markjin Oneshot]

Mark had always been more of a dog person. Not to say he didn’t like cats, he’d just grown up with dogs his entire life. So Mark really didn’t know how he’d arrived at his current situation, sharing his home with a cat hybrid.Collapse )

Click - [JJP Oneshot]

A/N: Prompt was model!jinyoung and photographer!jaebum. I don’t know anything about photography or how modeling photo-shoots go, so I’d like to apologize in advance for the inaccuracies and probably really unrealistic portrayal of the modeling industry in general xD

Jinyoung wasn’t dainty, or light, and he most certainly wasn’t “the personification of grace and beauty,” or any of the similar sounding bullshit people tended to spew when praising models. He did, however, seem to exude an aura of calm around him- quiet, peaceful, and steady. Simple.Collapse )

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Matched - [Markjin Oneshot]

“Remind me why I’m doing this again,” Jinyoung sighed dramatically as he stared at his reflection in the mirror, tugging on his stubborn tie in an attempt to make it lie straight.Collapse )

Let Me - [Jingyeom Oneshot]

Incredibly belated birthday gift for 我亲爱的 symmetrophobic, I hope you can still enjoy this alskdfjasdf I love you so much and you deserve all the best most beautiful things but alas this is all I've got xD Forgive me ;A;

Yugyeom always won the physical battles, but Jinyoung always won with words. Behind all the banter, teasing, and play-fights, lay much deeper intentions.Collapse )

Height of Insecurity - [Jackgyeom Oneshot]

Standing in front of the mirror, Jackson surveyed his figure critically with squinted eyes, weight shifting from side to side as he first crossed his arms, then uncrossed them. Unsatisfied, he twisted his snapback backwards, then sideways, then gave up altogether with a loud huff and threw it aside. Almost immediately he ran to fetch it, placing it back on his head with a sigh. Nope, couldn’t ditch the snapback after all.Collapse )


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